Danielle Graves (DG as referred to in some posts) is a graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Psychology, which she completed in just two years. She also completed a summer semester in Barcelona, Spain. She found her love for travel at a young age, having traveled parts of the world with her parents. She is currently hoping to continue her travels while working with a startup business in her new city of Miami, Florida. Danielle is the proud mother to two puppies, and has a younger brother. Her favorite places she has been to are Germany and Kenya. She enjoys skiing, boarding, fitness, style, and photography. She models in her free time, and is learning the technological side of business, where she eventually hopes to start up her own business and become a life coach. She has been to every continent now, except for Antarctica, which she hopes to eventually visit.

Danielle Maxey, (DM as referred to on posts), is a free spirit who also recently graduated the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Anthropology and Classical Archaeology. She also attended the University of College, Dublin for a semester and worked on the Western Argolid Regional Project field school in Argos, Greece for a summer. She is currently trying to find a job in her field, while working on her first novel in her spare time, which she hopes to be completed in late 2016, while living in Denver, Colorado. Danielle enjoys skiing, boarding, kayaking, photography, climbing, and hiking, and is hoping to start surfing and paragliding next year. She has a younger sister. Danielle first became interested in travel at a young age, when her parents took her to see much of the United States. Her favorite place she has been is Greece. She hopes to thru hike the CDT and hopes to spend the rest of her life traveling and working in animal conservation and archaeology.