A quick google search of the number one party hostels in Europe will bring up a variety of websites and The Pink Palace Hostel is featured in the top ten every time. As spontaneous travelers, Danielle and I figured that Corfu was in Route to Albania and rooms were cheap so why not stay in a pink hotel! Little did we know about the experiences yet to come. If being picked up by a questionably drunk and certainly horny bus driver wasn’t odd enough, the welcome shot and run down dorm rooms made it apparent that this place holds quite the reputation. The graffiti lining our wardrobes told us stories that made the floor seem safer to sleep on; something we ended up doing one night on the balcony when we could not bear the temperature inside. Side note: bring bug-spray whether you plan on sleeping indoors or out! The bugs can get somewhat nasty there and you may end up with large, pink welts covering your body for the next week and a half.

A quick overview of what this hostel has to offer:

Cheap stays (if they have a room with air conditioning available for a few extra euros take it!)
Delicious breakfast and dinner included
Insanely gorgeous views
1 euro shots/ 2 euro cocktail happy hours
Themed parties nightly (Get their on a Saturday for the Pink Toga Party)
Friends and memories which will last a lifetime


I would not say go to a party hostel to “find yourself” but being in an environment in which every one is a new face, where you are encouraged by the staff to express yourself and push your limits was an amazing self exploring experience for both an observer and a participant. The island has its own energy which is relaxed, non-judgmental, and open. We immediately extended our stay that night and regretted not planning more time there. You will think you are on spring break with all the excursions and partying going on.


Excursions offered include:
An epic Booze Cruise with a bat cave exploration and clothing optional cliff jumping
4 wheeling (clothing required)
Kayaking with snorkeling and cliff jumping
Volleyball, drinking games and themed parties nightly



The Northern Islands of Greece are entirely worth a visit and Corfu is a great last stop to make in route of Italy or Albania. The locals are very friendly and the cobblestone streets are lined with shopping and delicious food.

The orange juice here is highly recommended at any of the shops if you get the chance to escape the party scene and get a small taste for Greek Island life. There are many gelato shops in the main town as well, which help to combat the hot days.

And if you are looking for a little more than just partying, there are some fantastic historical sites which you can check out during the day in the main town.
The fort is a nice walk up and provides great views of the island and some of the bluest waters you will ever encounter.

The Pink Palace Hostel remains one of the major highlights of our Eurotrip. We plan on returning to this festive little island in the future, but for now it remains a pleasant memory and a top recommendation for the typical partier planning their Eurotrip.

Safe Travels!