Disney is one of the most magical places I’ve ever experienced and as a promise between myself and a childhood best friend, we ventured off to Disneyland as adults but reconnected with our inner child. Luckily in this position we were able to put our millennial heads together and make a plan on conquering the main attractions at two theme parks in one day. This is season dependent and we went during one of their peak seasons at the end of May. We strategically made it on all the hottest rides, some even a few of times. Follow these guidelines and you too can get the most out of your Disney experience if your goal is to ride the rides.

Get there early As obvious as that sounds I will add the cliche ” An Early Bird Gets The Worm”, although we got their at 11 am and had to make up for lost time.

Only Focus on Riding Rides The aim of the two parks in one day option is for those solely there to ride rides because it will be hard to find the time to fit in the entire disney experience which includes their restaurants and and shopping for souvenirs.

Go when they host open late nights On certain nights Disney pass holders can stay in California Adventure an extra 2 hours after closing. Check out their website to find out which dates.

Choose the extra magic hour option  If you are staying in one of the Disney Resort hotels you can choose the early admission option.

Download the Wait Time App There are apps that give estimated wait times based on what other people in the park put in. Accuracy isn’t always there but we found the app to be extremely helpful at the time.

Use a Fast Pass Get a fast pass for the rides that generally have the longest wait times. It can be tedious because the rules limit you to one new FastPass ticket after you use your previous FastPass or you can wait for two hours in between getting FastPass. Learn more here.

“All the Single Riders”  ….Now Put Your Hands Up. Riding all the rides with the people you came with can quickly become frustrating when you lose half day standing in line under the hot sun. Might as well wait in line for 10-15 minutes and ride next to a stranger then share your enthusiasm afterwards. Many times I’ve been lucky enough to ride with my friend anyway.

Reserve the Light Show Tickets in Advanced The shows very seasonly but reserve the ones for the California Adventure on in advanced so that you can get the best view point. Make these reservations at the gate.

So there you have it! I hope you find these tips helpful during your magical holiday experience. Leave a comment below if these tricks worked or if you have your own you wish to share.